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In 1884, F.B. Morse, developed the Morse code for efficient communication. It is because of the simplicity yet efficaciousness that these Morse codes are used even today. Morse codes are composed of ditz and dahs, which are used by a number of people for communication purposes. Moreover, the use of these codes is not limited for simple communication. It is also used for encrypted communication for security purposes. This code is used for Emergency Signaling (SOS) for all kinds of receivers. This code can also be used by the people with several disabilities. The Morse code is mostly used by the hams because they ensure systematic transmission of the signals. However, it is not very easy to learn these codes. In order to get better results, one has to learn them as a new language. Following are the steps, which will help in learning the tips and tricks of the Morse code: 1.…show more content…
Listen to the Morse code recordings: When you began listening to the Morse codes, you start sensing that they have a certain combination of dashes and dots. These dashes and dots are also known as the dahs and ditz. Interestingly, the dahs are the comparatively longer beeps, whereas, the ditz are the shorter beeps. Each alphabet of the word is separated by a shorter pause. Every word, on the other hand, is spaced by a longer pause. In order to measure the speed of Morse code, words per minutes are used. One can buy these recordings online. Moreover, shortwave receivers are also used to listen to these recordings. In addition, there are several training applications available on the internet, which can prove to be more beneficial as compared to these recordings. The software used, provides numerous ways to teach Morse codes. Thus, enabling you to choose the method with which you are comfortable. For better learning, try to learn the sound of an alphabet rather than counting the ditz and dahs. 2. Use Morse code

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