Mortal Vs Evil In Beowulf

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The Mortal Vs. The Immortal
Every great hero has some thirst for adventure, whether it is saving lives or defeating the enemy to obtain something important, they are always ready to go on a journey. In the epic poem called "Beowulf" , by an unknown author created in the mid 700's or 800's, there's an epic hero named Beowulf where he is this outrageous hero that seems that can't stop battling monsters. Beowulf's first battle is in Herot where he battles the monster Grendel terrorizing the Danes, he later then battles his mother and even after so many combats he confronts a Dragon in his elderly years trying to defend his people. His courage throughout the story demonstrates his nobility and will to fight against evil for the good. The theme of Beowulf is Good vs. Evil using symbolism, plot and character.
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During a 12 year war that occurred in Herot, the monster was surrounded by the most holy things especially the kings throne. For example, when they describe Grendel's 12 year war, they say "he never dared to touch king Hrothgar's glorious throne, protected God..." (Unknown lines 82-84) meaning that Grendel is made of evil and bad spirits therefore, he cannot touch the throne. To clarify, if Grendel had planted his hand onto Hrothgar's throne he would experience the same pain as it would to have holy water splashed onto him. God's power is strong enough to even destroy Grendel if he had dared get close enough with

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