Mortal Women In The Odyssey

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The women in Ancient Greece were amazing and powerful immortals and mortals alike. Women during Homers time didn’t do much as mortals but as immortals they greatly changed the lives of mortals. Homer wrote amazing stories like The Odyssey where the two worlds of mortal and immortal came together. How could these two worlds possibly clash? For one, immortals can’t die and mortals can. So how could Homer find a way to make the two worlds come together and become something great? Mortal women were different from the immortal women in the sense that they could die. Also that the mortal women didn’t have much power or a great sense of being in the world. While the immortal women decided the fate of humans back on earth and lived everyday with…show more content…
She was a princess and she didn’t have to do much day to day. The day she met Odysseus she was washing her clothes at the river. She had never seen this man before and he was completely naked and that shocked her. They talked for a bit and then she said “But now, since it is our land and our city that you have come to, you shall not lack for clothing nor anything else.” (6.191-193). She was so sweet, caring and willing to help this random man who she had never seen before. She took him to her home and she let him stay with her and her family and when it was time for him to leave she along with her family helped him build a boat sent him on his way with luck anything else he needed. The mortal women in Ancient Greek prided themselves on being kind, loyal and the perfect woman and each and every one of the three women was in their own different way.
The Odyssey by Homer is filled with immortals. Odysseus met so many of these immortals though out his difficult journey but the most memorable immortals were the women. Some fell in love with Odysseus and tried to help him on his long and dangerous journey and tried to kill him. As immortal women they refused to accept standards of mortality; they decided that they will never die but also never be
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