Morte D Arthur: An Effective Leader

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In Morte d’ Arthur, Arthur is an exceptional leader. Arthur demonstrates many qualities of a good leader. A leader should treat others as their equal, should protect his followers, and should genuinely care for their followers. King Arthur does all of these things in just this little section of Morte d’ Arthur.
In Morte d’ Arthur, Arthur cares for his knights and for his people. When Griflet comes to Arthur and requests to become a knight Arthur says, “Thou art full young and tender of age,[...], for to take so high an order on thee” (Morte d’ Arthur Page 1). In this statement, Arthur is showing his genuine concern for his young squire. Arthur knows Griflet stands little chance to defeat the knight who killed his master. Arthur does not want to lose a young squire who may become a great knight someday. Arthur again shows his care for young Griflet after he knights Griflet. Arthur says, “Thou shalt promise me by the faith of thy body, when thou hast jousted with the knight at the fountain, whether it
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Arthur does not act like he is too good to fight for his own kingdom and his own knights. A good leader thinks he is no better than his followers and treats them as equals. In Morte d’ Arthur, it says, “But all men of worship said it was merry to be under such a chieftain, that would put his person in adventure as other poor knights did” (Morte d’ Arthur Page 4). This proves his knights respected him and appreciated Arthur’s actions to serve them as if they were equal to him. Arthur is a great leader because he fight for his knights even though he is a king and should not have to fight for his followers.
King Arthur displays the three qualities of a good leader in Morte d’ Arthur. Even though Arthur is a king he puts his life on the line for his people and genuinely cares for their injuries and deaths. Arthur shows humility, care, and respect for his knights and for his people through his actions in Morte
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