Morte D Arthur And The Holy Grail Analysis

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The story of Morte D’Arthur and the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail Share a similar idea but tell a slightly different story. The characters may be similar, but were each trying to complete a different task at the time. The Stories each have different levels of seriousness and determination. Each of the stories do contain some similarities like how even though it is not mentioned in the short story of Morte D’Arthur the holy grail is still a relevant part of the entire story. Both of the stories are unique and tell a story in King Arthurs life in a very different way that makes each of them unique. In Morte D’Arthur the characters were trying to avoid a coming war with one of King Arthurs illegitimate Children. The reason that the upcoming war was trying to be avoided was when King Arthur was a sleep he had a dream where he was warned that he would die sometime soon. In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the main characters are on a quest to find the holy grail. As Arthur walks through the forest to find more people to join the knights of the round table he receives a word from god that he is to find the holy grail. Both of the stories have similar characters and a common theme, but they each tell an entirely different story. The story of Morte D’Arthur seems to be a more…show more content…
Both Monty Python and Morte D’Arthur share a similar medieval time period and have a similar quest brought up in each story. The Holy Grail appears in each of the stories, but each of the stories are telling a similar but different tail so the Holy Grail is not as relevant in Morte D’Arthur as it is in Monty Python. Each of the stories tells a tale of King Arthurs life in different ways, but both of the stories are experiences that may have happened to King Arthur. The main character of King Arthur appears in each of the stories as they are both tales of his
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