Morte D Arthur Chivalry Analysis

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(An Analysis of King Arthur’s Code of Chivalry in Morte d’Arthur)

The sword and the stone is a long lived story still being told since before 1471, over five hundred years now. There are many aspects of this story that can be analyzed for different purposes. This story of Morte d’Arthur scripted by Sir Thomas Malory displays a great example of the code of chivalry and the way it was admired in the time of King Arthur himself and the Knights of the Round Table. Chivalry is defined as the medieval knightly system with its religious, moral, and social code. The tale of Morte d’Arthur shows the Code of Chivalry when the Knights of the Round Table display courage or bravery, wisdom of morals, and loyalty to their king.

To begin with, the knights in Morte d’Arthur present a courageous look in multiple aspects of the story to prove they abide by the Code of Chivalry. These knights were
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Many times the knights were required to make decisions on their own, sometimes they would help the king make decisions so it was crucial that each knight had an understanding of morals and what’s best for their kingdom. When King Arthur is dying he send Sir Bedivere to the lake to throw Excalibur into the water. The knight is very hesitant to complete this command so he fails to do so the first two times but succeeds the third. “Then Sir Bedivere departed and went to the sword and lightly took it up, and so he went to the water’s side; and there he bound the girdle about the hilts, and threw the sword as far into the water as he might.” (page 192) The knight may have thought that he was being wise about his decision the first two times, but after he did what he was instructed he learned the reason for his action. Sir Bedivere learned even more knowledge than he did before and his morals strengthened because of
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