Mortenson's Home Chapter Summaries

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Mortenson later on realizes that he is not in Askole, he is in the village of Korphe. Haji’s son, Twaha, tells Mortenson that they will go find Mouzafer the next day. When Mortenson wakes up, Haji’s wife Sakina serves him breakfast. Mouzafer later arrives to Korphie by riding a very dangerous cable car across the George river.Mortenson finally gets reunited with Darsney, they both find transportation back to Korphe where they are welcomed again into Haji’s home. Mortenson notices that he has become very weak so he tries to get better and regain his health. A couple weeks pass and Mortenson learns a lot about the village, he notices that many of the villagers are malnourished and suffer from various diseases. Mortenson tries to use his first aid kit to help the villagers; even though Mortenson explains many times that he is just a nurse, the very grateful villagers then give him the…show more content…
He meets a Pakistani man who owns a computer store and teaches him how to type his letters on a word processor. Mortenson then sends out many letters but receives only a $100 check from television news anchor. Mortenson’s mother tries to help out by collecting $600 dollars from students at her school where she in now a principal. Motenson then starts having a relationship with a very beautiful woman named Marina Villard who also has a passion for climbing. He loves spending time with Marina and her two daughters but since Mortenson is now living in his car and is putting every penny he gets towards the project, problems start coming up in the relationship. Mortenson meets yet another ER physician and climber, Tom Vaughan. Vaughan offers to write an article about Mortenson’s project and is given a note from a very wealthy scientist Jean Hoerni. Hoerni is generous enough to give the amount needed for the school, $12,000. Mortenson sells all his belongings and returns to
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