Morty: A Fictional Narrative

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“Grandpa Nick, it 's time to go to therapy!” Morty Yelled. “Hey, Morty, flip the avocado,” giggled Nick
“Why? Are you invisible and gonna fart on me?” Morty then flipped the avocado.“ “Hey it 's me avocado Niiiiiiiick” Morty left the room in disbelief that his grandpa did this to skip family therapy. As Morty shut the door hard a screw fell and bumped Nick he fell and rolled out of the garage. He saw Morty getting into the car wiping his tears he then knew Morty was not happy with his dumb act. Nick fell into the sewer hole landed on a wet, cold floor it smelled like his old socks. He then found a cockroach. He thought to himself, how is he gonna get out then an idea came in. He ripped open the cockroach brain and used his tongue to

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