The White Woman In Moses And Mary

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The Man of Color and the White Woman in Moses and Mary
One of the convictions associated with the black is that they can kill anyone confidently without fearing the consequences. People in the town see such a view when Moses killed Mary. They see this happening as something normal because it is expected from their race. Because of these beliefs about the blacks, women in Africa are brought up to fear the servants and never trust them. The narrator describes this fear in the following quotation:
She was afraid of them, of course. Every woman in South Africa is brought up to be. In her childhood she had been forbidden to walk out alone, and when she had asked why, she has been told in the furtive, lowered, but matter-of-fact voice she associated with her mother, that they were nasty and might do horrible things to her. (GS 59)

As told before, another aspect of how Masters, treat their servants in an inhumane way is the hours of work during each. The servants work too much even without taking any
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One of these forms is the long hours they have to work without taking any rest. For example, Mary has made Moses work for long hours to finish the cleaning of the bathroom. She does not even let him take some rest or to have his lunch. The narrator describes how Mary feels about the natives: “She never thought of natives as people who had to eat or sleep: they were either there, or they were not, and what their lives were when they were out of her sight she had never paused to think” (GS 74). Furthermore, Mary mistreats one of her servants physically by whipping him for taking a rest while she has been leading the farm during Dick’s sickness. The physical abuse that servants face, shows the whites opinions about the servants. They see the servants as non-human creatures that do not have feelings; therefore, they will not be affected by the whipping. The narrator
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