Moses In The Odyssey

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Good morning brother and sister, I guess we finally got to the part I been waiting to write on...Moses up in the mountains with God.... the peoples promise they will obey what God have told them... they already saw the powers of God... they felt Him...and they see His wonders... but yet they was hardhead children... this morning we come to understand why they was call the children of Israel instead the peoples of Israel..

Moses was gone for forty days (Exodus 24:18). This probably seemed like a long time to the people, but a short time to Moses. Certainly it was a short time related to the outworking of God 's plan for Israel....Oh Moses was with God... and when you’re with God brother and sister nothing else matters... you don’t worry about bills because you’re with God... you don’t worry about your children and grandchildren no more simply because you’re with God....husband and wives doesn’t matter when you’re with God... clothes, jewelry, shoes, cars, etc. is nothing compare when you’re with God.... oh brother and
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The people wanted gods to go before them, leading them to the Promised Land. They knew the Lord led them out of Egypt and they knew the Lord God had revealed Himself at Mount Sinai. Yet, they were willing to trust a god they could make to finish what the Lord soon when we’re bless we stop praying... how soon when things are going good in our lives, we decided we’re too tried to go to church... we don’t feel like going to Bible class or Sunday soon I tell you when life going good for you, you forget from where your help comes

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