Moses Kelly: A Short Story

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Moses Kelly played football in heaven. He died when he was two of a football overdose. A football overdoes is when someone get hit so hard he can not look straight, the he crooks. He decided to start his own football team. He had a hard time getting all the old sprits to come and play football with him, he started to tell all his angles to tell all the old souls to come play football. Well within 30 minutes he was like, “Holy moly.” He had so many people; he had 2,000 people on this team. He said let’s split them up. My team will be called The Angels and my opponent’s team are The Devil’s.
Moses said I want to be the QB for the angels so they all agreed to let Moses play QB well this guy named ralph was the other QB for the devils he was mean no one really liked him but he was good. Moses had 1,000 and Ralph had 1,000, but they were missing one thing they were missing the ref so they got to thinking they were like god could be are ref so they went to go ask god he said of course. They were so happy he said yes so they went to kick off but before they did god got a message that he had to go welcome Aaron into heaven and Moses was like wat what. He said I need to going welcome an incoming and Moses said I think that might be my brother so he went with
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Aaron really wanted to tourer heaven so they went in to the chapel they went and saw all the family and friends that died. They got to see their grandpa they were so happy. Aaron really missed his mom. Moses said want to see something cool he was like mom Aaron is save and I have in my hands, well they just don’t know that I was going to use him for the football but mom was like okay love ya’ll. I told Aaron that we had to go back and play football he said alright it was a big game the devil’s vs the angels and your ref god I told Aaron to get on the tee so I cloud kick him off he oh ok well he just didn’t know what he was getting

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