Moses Mendelssohn Accomplishments

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Moses Mendelssohn accomplished quite a lot in his lifetime which is what we will be analyzing in this essay. Moses Mendelssohn was a German and Jewish philosopher although many say that he wasn’t the best philosopher. Best he was also a critic, Bible translator, and commentator who greatly contributed to Jewish renaissance and was also the most important figure in early modern Jewish history for that matter. Firstly, we will demonstrate his best accomplishments during his time which lead to him being an important figure in Early Modern Jewish History. In order to find out more about Moses Mendelssohn we have to start with his life story. Moses was born into a poor jewish family in Dessau which is in the Principality of Anhalt and he was originally…show more content…
In October 1763 the King granted Moses (only Moses, not his wife or any of his kids) the privilege of Protected Jew which assured his right to undistributed residence in Berlin because of his accomplishments so far. As a result of the prize that he won he decided that he was resolved to write on the immortality of the soul. Materialistic views on the matter were very popular and faith in immortality was at a low ebb. Moses’ work however possessed some of the charm of its Greek exemplar and impressed the German world with its beauty and unique style of writing and thinking. Phaedo (which is what he admired and wrote) was an immediate success, and besides being one of the most widely read books of it’s time. In German was speedily translated into several European languages, including English. Moses was hailed as a the “German Plato,” or the “German Socrates,” royal and other aristocratic friends showered attention on him and even at one point it was said that “no stranger who came to Berlin failed to pay his personal respects to the German Socrates.". So far, Moses devoted his life and talent to philosophy and some criticism, now however, an incident turned the current of his life in the direction of the cause
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