Moses Mendelssohn's Life In Early Modern Jewish History

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Moses Mendelssohn accomplished quite a lot in his lifetime which is what we will be analyzing in this essay. Moses Mendelssohn was a German and Jewish philosopher although many say that he wasn’t the best philosopher. Best he was also a critic, Bible translator, and commentator who greatly contributed to Jewish renaissance and was also the most important figure in early modern Jewish history for that matter. Firstly, we will demonstrate his best accomplishments during his time which lead to him being an important figure in Early Modern
Jewish History.
In order to find out more about Moses Mendelssohn we have to start with his life story.
Moses was born into a poor jewish family in Dessau which is in the Principality of Anhalt and he was originally destined for a rabbinical career which his parents (his father being Mendel) wanted him to become. In his early years of school he would teach himself in German philosophy and literature which at the time was heavily about religion. This was also the leading cultural figure at the time. Mendel (Moses’ father) was an impoverished scribe or in other words a writer of Torah scrolls and Moses in his early childhood was being taught by his father and by a local rabbi by the name of David Frankel who taught him about a lot of things such as about the Bible and Talmud which introduced Moses to the philosophy of Maimonides. A refugee Pole under the name of Israel Zamosc who taught him mainly mathematics, and a young Jewish physician who is

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