Moses's Exodus: The Prince Of Egypt

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Before we can learn from an amazing man, we first need to know where he came from. According to the book Exodus, Moses was born around 1391 BC. During this time; Hebrew’s were slaves for the Egyptians for 400 years, but the population was rising at high levels. An order by the Egyptian Pharaoh, said that all newborn Hebrew males had to be drowned in the Nile River so that no one could grow up and fight against him. As just a newborn, Moses’s life was not going to be easy one. Not only that, but his family hid him for many days. So, if you are familiar with the big hit kid’s movie called “The Prince of Egypt” you see the mother put poor baby Moses in the river to find a better way out. The sister of Moses followed and saw where he had landed. Just an act of God he landed in right in front of the Pharaoh’s daughter. The Pharaoh’s family raised him as one of their own, only for Moses to find out the truth later that he was not an Egypt but a Hebrew. He had many lessons and teaching as an Egyptian and because of that when it was time for him to return to his people, he was ready. The rest of his story is found in the book of Exodus. Now that we have put down a foundation and understanding of Moses we can now focus on what matters the most; the leadership of Moses. Moses was many things, one of which was that he was a problem solver. Just by considering his story you see that he had a problem with problem’s popping up for him. We see that Moses did have a few anger issues as you
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