Mosquitoland David Arnold Summary

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Imagine running away with nothing but a backpack, clothes, and stolen money. The book, Mosquitoland by David Arnold, has told a story of a 16-year-old girl traveling over 900 miles to find her sick mother. Mary Iris Malone ran from her dad and step-mother to find the answers to her mysterious mother. Mim, an ‘acroname’ for Mary Iris Malone, took a trip full of adventures to see her mother, whom she hasn’t seen in a year. Mosquitoland has been a favorite for thousands of people across the country. David Arnold created a book with a road trip and a unique plot. The book was explained through first person point of view and through journal entries where Mim would write to Isabel, her soon to be sister. Mim started the book as an outspoken girl with no friends. Her parents were divorced, which lead to her living with her father. Mim was not happy with her life, for her mother was ill in Cleveland with no way to communicate, she hated her stepmother, and her dad accused her of having psychosis. The book started off with Mim overhearing her step-mother and father talk to the principal of her new school. Kathy, Mim’s stepmom, was afraid of how her mother is with her disease. Confused about what the adults were talking about, Mim went home, took the necessities,…show more content…
It is a perfect book for people who want a light-hearted book. Young adults are the ideal audience for Mosquitoland. The audience who would be fitted for the book would be young adult. The impact it has on certain individuals and the society are both good and bad. The book includes many jokes that could be taken the wrong way. Some readers could take offense to these jokes, making the author look bad and offensive. The bad jokes in the book do not bring the reputation of Mosquitoland down. David Arnold did a great job explaining every little detail in a 16-year-old’s wild life. In the end, Mosquitoland was a marvelous book that every teenager and adult should
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