Most Beautiful Actresses

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses Born in 1910s 1. Hedy Lamar Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler who is also known as Hedy Lamar was born on November 9, 1914 in Vienna, Austria. Hedy’s father was a banker. She was captivated by cinema or films although Hedy had a peaceful childhood years. Hedy seeks to be a celebrity and decides to be an actress when she was a teenager. That is why, she was determined to drop out of school. On 1930, she got her first role to be a part of Geld auf der Straße also known as Money On The Street that was a German film. Soon, Hedy married a well-known Austrofascist and a weapon manufacturer in the name of Fritz Mandl. And on 1938, she prepared her debut in American movies by being in the part of Gaby in Algiers. Her career was successful on the…show more content…
However, a year before she died, she acknowledged that those stories were not true. 8. Dorothy Lamour Dorothy Lamour was an American singer and actress whose birth date was on December 10, 1914. In 1930s, she started her career as a big band singer. Lamour then moved to Hollywood in 1936 where she signed a contract with Paramount Pictures. Because of her appearance in The Jungle Princess as “Ulah”, she became famous which started her figure as the “Sarong Queen”. In 1943, Lamour married William Ross Howard III who was her second husband. And in their relationship, they had two sons until in 1978 when Howard died. And in 1996, Lamour died at the age of 81 in her home. 9. Paulette Goddard Paulette Goddard was using her original birth name on screen. She was an American actress whose birth date was on June 3, 1910. Goddard was an actress in many Broadway making just like the Ziegfeld Girl but it’s not only that, she was also a teen fashion icon. And in 1940s, Goddard became the leading icon in Paramount Studio. 10. Joan
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