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Top 5 Most Beautiful Places On Earth Spending time to visit and watch some of the beautiful wonders of the world will surely make you to forget all the worries that you might have. There are quite a number of breathtaking places that you can visit and enjoy and at the same time appreciate the beautiful things that God created. The top five beautiful places on earth that you can visit are Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe This is a stunning site which is situated between the border of Zambia and the North of Zimbabwe along Zambezi River. Victoria Falls is a breathtaking site which occupies close to 2 kilometer mile and it is also 354 feet high. You can spot mist which is being emitted by this waterfall when you are 20 kilometers away. In 1990s close to 300,…show more content…
It is really one of the great diving destinations and is close to 407 feet deep and 984 feet wide. It is also rich in marine life and clear water. While on this spectacular site, you will have an opportunity to dive in the crystal clear water and see a lot of unique species of fish like Midnight Parrotfish, the Caribbean reef shark and also bull shark. You will also have a chance to see the stunning coral formations. Red Beach in China This beach is located in the Dowa County, which is 30km southwest of Panjin.The beach is red because of Sueda which is a type of seaweed which turns red with each fall. Red Beach is located in one of the largest wetland and the reed marsh on Earth and hosts a complete ecosystem. Besides that, this beach has over 260 species of birds and 399 species of amazing wild animals. Red beach is known to attract a big number of tourists from different countries in the world each year Sueda normally starts to grow from April to May and stays green during summertime, making spring and summer to be the ideal season for visiting Red beach The best thing about this beach is that everyone can visit this fantastic place regardless of one’s

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