The Most Dangerous Driving Habits Essay

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20 Most Dangerous Driver Habits
Learning to drive can be a pretty stressful time. Not only do you have to figure out how to handle a 4,000-pound machine around streets filled with hazards and obstacles, but there are also all those rules you have to remember about how to drive correctly. Of course, most experienced drivers forget these rules as time goes on, but most will be familiar to those who are currently preparing for their test.
“Mirror, signal, manoeuvre” are three words that learner drivers in the UK will be used to hearing all the time, along with the warning to “check your blind spot”. The UK driving test is notoriously difficult to pass, especially when compared with the much more relaxed US test, which probably goes a long way
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I’m sure we have all been in the car, waiting patiently at a set of traffic lights or a junction, when the vehicle behind decides to crawl to a stop just a few inches behind our fender. While it may seem to be nothing more than a minor annoyance or a lack of good driving etiquette, failing to leave a decent gap between cars can cause accidents; if someone were to bump into the back of the car behind you, then he would have nowhere to go but straight into the trunk of your own…show more content…
One of the main advantages of highways is that you can easily and, in theory, safely overtake slower vehicles in the inside lanes, provided that there is adequate space to do so and that you clearly indicate your intention to overtake or pull back into the slow lane. Swerving in and out of different lanes, often at the last minute and without using blinkers, is asking for trouble, and leaves all the other drivers guessing as to what your next move might
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