Most Dangerous Game And High Noon Literary Analysis

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A well made story consists of carefully and pristinely created characters, settings, and conflicts, and these two stories do just that. In the story, The Most Dangerous Game, written by Richard Connell, a world renowned hunter, Rainsford, gets stranded and learns what it feels like to be hunted. In High Noon, a film written by Carl Foreman, a marshal must decide between fighting his past, Frank, or running and starting his new life with his new wife, Amy. The stories have many similarities and differences, but ultimately both stand as perfect examples of what the characters, settings, and conflicts should be like in any well made story.

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In High Noon a criminal is coming back to town seeking revenge and in The Most Dangerous Game the protagonist, Rainsford, gets trapped on an island and hunted. "I sent a man up five years ago for murder... I expect he'll come looking for me." (Foreman). I think this citation does a great job of naming the conflict early on and allows the reader to really understand what is going on. These conflicts differ from each other in the way that in High Noon, Will Kane had the problem of not being able to find help, deputies. In The Most Dangerous Game Rainsford doesn't need and help, nor could he get any as he was completely isolated. I believe that this added conflict to High Noon add an important theme that makes you think, which I think was great work by Carl Foreman. Even though both conflicts can be seen as infinitely different, they both example unquestionably good conflicts that make these stories better than most …show more content…

The characters in both High Noon and The Most Dangerous Game share a large similarity with their strong will. The settings are tremendously different where one takes place in a western town while the other on a tropical island, yet both are great settings for their story. And lastly, the conflicts are extremely easily distinguishable from each other, but both bring something new and exciting to the story. In conclusion, both stories have their similarities and differences, but both still set an ideal example of the elements of a story that all other stories should try to accomplish as

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