Most Dangerous Game Argumentative Essay

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In the short story, “The Most Dangerous Game,” the main character Rainsford had gotten stranded on a dangerous island where Zaroff, a Russian Cossack General, hunted humans for sport. He feels that God put the weak on earth to give the strong pleasure, and up until it was his turn to be hunted, so did Rainsford. Earlier in the story Rainsford had stated, “The world is made up of two classes-- the hunters and the huntees.” And as harsh as it may sound, it is technically correct. The world is made of hunters and huntees, predator and prey. In fact, there are several hunters in the story The Most Dangerous Game. In the beginning, all we really knew about was Rainsford and his companion, Whitney who was a world renown hunter along with Rainsford..…show more content…
In sport, in nature and regular life, there is a hunter and a huntee. In a more natural case, like a lion and an antelope, it would be a predator and prey. The lion being the hunter and the antelope the huntee. Or in any day life for an average person. A woman walks into the store and is searching for a crucial ingredient for her dinner that evening. Reading inbetween the lines, it seems the hunter is a being searching and looking for what is needed and for what they want. In everyday life, this could be used at a metaphor that would indeed make sense. Therefore, yes the world is made of these two separate classes. In the story, “The Most Dangerous Game,” by Richard Connell, the main character Rainsford was being hunted by an immoral Russian Cossack name General Zaroff. Rainsford had mentioned earlier in the story that the world is made of two groups, the hunters and the huntees. Though in this case, where it is quite harsh, it indeed would seem true. In life, both in nature and in everyday human life, it would seem that there is hunters and
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