Most Dangerous Game Character Analysis Essay

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Many people would consider a survivor as someone who goes through physical hardships in life, like surviving a car crash. While this is true, some survivors are just in a tough set of circumstances. "Most Dangerous Game" is a story written by Richard Connell about Sanger Rainsford who is brave in his situation. "My Escape from North Korea" is written about and by Hyeonseo Lee and her determination during her young adult life. "Trapped" is a real-life experience faced by Aron Ralston that displays his inner-strength. To be a survivor of circumstance, bravery, determination, and inner-strength are all key traits that should be shown. When it comes Rainsford in "MDG", he shows bravery in two instances. Rainsford is able to escape from Zaroff and…show more content…
Lee initially shows determination on page 1, as she crosses the border of North Korea into China at 17 years old, alone. This is a display of Lee's determination because she goes on a frightening journey into a new country by herself at a young age. Her determination really comes into play in this scenario because even though she is scared, she also knows that her actions will lead her on a better path in life. That thought is what ultimately keeps Lee going on her journey. Another example of Lee's determination is when she helps her family escape North Korea and reach the safer, South Korea (2). Lee is not only determined, but also courageous in this scenario because Lee and her family risk being put in jail for trying to escape. Despite Lee's family being jailed numerous times during their escape, she still stays determined in her plan to find refuge in South Korea. Due to her determined mindset, she and her family did finally make it to South Korea safely. Determination like Lee has shown is a crucial part of being a survivor because giving up is not an option, no matter the
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