Most Dangerous Game Compare And Contrast Essay

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Sometimes life can be a dangerous game, and in this story one man gets caught in the most dangerous game of all. This short story “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, is about Rainsford, a great hunter, who gets lost and finds himself in a tricky situation with another great hunter named General Zaroff. These hunters share the same interests and viewpoint when it comes to the animals they hunt, except when Rainsford realizes that Zaroff may be hunting a different kind of prey. Although these two characters feel the same way about animals not having feelings, Rainsford changes his mind when he realizes what being hunted really feels like. Both Rainsford and General Zaroff are unsympathetic towards their prey. In the beginning of the…show more content…
In the beginning of the short story, Rainsford is on his way to Rio to hunt jaguars. Jaguars are cunning and difficult to hunt, yet he is brave and talented enough for the task. Whitney, Rainsford’s friend tells about how Rainsford has “‘[picked] off a moose moving in the brown fall mush.’” (19), meaning he has such good skills and a strong eye that he can see a moving brown moose when it is camouflaged by all the brown in the woods. He is so experienced in the sport of hunting, he has written a book about hunting snow leopards in Tibet that General Zaroff has read, who is also a great hunter. General Zaroff has been hunting since he was a young boy. Since he has hunted for so long, he was starting to get bored because it was so easy. He was so skilled he had to find bigger, harder prey, but when they were starting to get too easy again, he decided to change his weapon. Instead of using a strong gun to kill them faster, he started using a .22 caliber rifle. He is such a great aim that this is still fairly easy for him and he starts to get bored again. Boredom levels began to rise in General Zaroff again, so he has to find an animal that matched his
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