Most Dangerous Game Comparison

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“There are only two classes in the world: the hunter and the hunted.” This theme is expressed and questioned by the story The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell. But is that theme in the movie? Both the book and the movie The Most Dangerous Game are both about a man named Zaroff hunting the ¨most dangerous game¨; humans. Though the book and the movie have the same general plot, the integrity of the story is affected by the many differences and similarities in the areas of the initiating event, characterization, and plot between the story and the movie The Most Dangerous Game. The first initiating event is how Rainsford ends up on the island. In the story and the movie he ends up on the island, but in two totally different way. In the story,…show more content…
In both the story and the movie, Rainsford has a conversation about how he views the world; the hunter and the hunted. A difference that greatly affected the integrity was that in the movie there are other guests at the dinner. This greatly affects it because it is not Zaroff that tells about his ‘new animal’, the girl at dinner tells of her suspicions. Then shortly after she tells Rainsford this, they find her brother dead, killed by Zaroff. Another smaller difference is that the hunt is only one day. One of the biggest differences of the story and the movie is that the ‘final battle’ is shown in great detail in the movie. It shows how Rainsford kills Zaroff and his servants in a detailed battle, unlike the book that just infers that rainsford won. One of the greatest similarities was that Zaroff explained his ‘new animal’. In the movie he doesn’t explain it in detail but in the book he explains it to Rainsford and they have a discussion about it. These both cause Zaroff’s ‘guests’ to want to leave right away and not be hunted. There were many similarities and differences between the story and the movie that greatly affected the
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