Most Dangerous Game Essay

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“The world is made up of two classes -- the hunters and the huntees.”(p. 27) In the beginning of the short story, “The Most Dangerous Game,” Rainsford states that there are two classes in the world, the hunter and the huntees, which I agree with. The quote can literally mean a hunter and his prey, but it can also mean a bully and his victim or the rich and the poor. The quote can literally mean a hunter and his prey, but figuratively the quote can mean the rich and the poor. “Life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and, if need be, taken by the strong.” (p. 27) This quote conveys that the upper class people are the strong, and the lower class people would be weak. The rich tend to gibe on the poor due to their misfortune. This is an example of hunters and the huntees. Also, the poor and futile people seem to give their money to the rich, whether it be from taxes or by purchasing a good or service from the upper class, which puts more money in the rich people’s pockets. In other words, the upper class, who are hunters, like to taunt the lower class, who are the huntees, because they have palpable money. Another example of the hunters and the huntees is bullies and their victims.…show more content…
The bullies’ debacle plans to intimidate their victims is truly bizarre. The bullies plans are bizarre because the bully tends to prey on others to try and make themselves feel better. One time, I had a bully who would pick on me because I had better grades than him. He would laugh at me and call me a nerd because I did so well in school, while he received D’s and F’s on his report card. My bully was the hunter and I was considered the huntee. In a hunting sense, hunters physically hurt their prey by killing the huntee. The only difference between the literal hunter and the tartar bully is the bully mentally hurts the huntee with words, not physically hurting another living organism by
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