Most Dangerous Game Reflection

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Sometimes hunting leads to murder, hunting can lead to not only the murder of animals but actual murder of humans. In the book “Most Dangerous Game” rainsford gets trapped on an island and realizes the person that lives there hunts humans and or animals. He meets this man and the man decides to hunt rainsford. Rainsford outsmarts the man who is named general Zaroff and beats him in the hunt and rainsford doesn 't die. The author of this book is Richard Connell and the title of this book is "The Most Dangerous Game". Rainsford gets trapped on an island when he fell off his boat. He then endures the risk of dying by being hunted by general Zaroff. In this story Richard Connell uses mood/tone to convey the theme of “competition rarely enhances a person’s character.” In this paragraph I will be talking about quotes and explaining quotes in the story most dangerous game. The first example is when rainsford is being hunted by general Zaroff and he 's hiding in the tree and he gets caught but general Zaroff lets him stay alive one more night. My second example is when rainsford sleeps in general Zaroff 's bed and proves the defeat of…show more content…
Therefore rainsford is a better person because he never kills general Zaroff and if he does I would like someone to show me where in the book it states that because it doesn 't. I know I 'm getting repetitive but I can 't stress enough that he never kills general Zaroff. It 's just and inference we make. Rainsford did injure general Zaroff. By using tactics he knows and using his abilities to his advantage and adrenaline from the thought of death. By trapping one if general Zaroff 's dogs that gave him confidence and I think it kind of made general Zaroff scared by seeing what mind games and tricks rainsford can pull off. This is the ending of my essay, I know I came out clearly and broad by this statement but I want you to think, why did general Zaroff want to hunt rainsford in the first place if he knew he
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