Most Dangerous Game Vs High Noon Research Paper

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Do you like action-paced stories? Well, if you do, you will love these two stories. "The Most Dangerous Game", released in 1924, was a very action-paced story. It's about a sailor who crashed his boat and is stuck on Ship-Trap island, about to get hunted. Along with this theme, is another story, High Noon. This story is about and sheriff protecting his city from criminals he previously put in jail, that are coming back to get him. Both of these stories set a tone for each other about hunting and eventually killing. Each book has different storylines, but have similar characteristics. One major part of a story is the setting. Where the story takes place. In both stories, the settings are isolated, away from civilization. In "The Most Dangerous Game", the setting is based on Ship-Trap island in a tropical forest, great for hunting, but also unusual. "A suggestive name isn't it? Sailors have a curious dread of the place" (Connell 211). In High Noon, the setting is in the Wild West in Hadleyville. "Street from Kane's point of view It is completely deserted" (Foreman 326). Both stories show how isolated the settings are and that makes the story so intriguing. Another major…show more content…
The book The Most Dangerous Game had a very thrilling conflict. The conflict consisted of the hunting turning into the hunted.Genral Zaroff's crazy game just had to continue though. "We will hunt, you and I" (Connell 225). This quote leads to a lot of tension between both main characters. Along with the tension between the main characters, High Noon has a lot of tension between Will Kane and Frank Miller's crew. Frank's crew were coming back to town by train to kill Kane, and that's where the conflict starts. The townspeople start getting nervous by every growing minute before the train arrives. "Mitchell, Pierce, and Colby watch as the approaching train draws nearer" (Foreman
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