Most Dangerous Game Vs High Noon Short Story

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Film, "High Noon" and story, "The Most Dangerous Game", have a lot of similarities in characters and theme but very different in setting. In the story "The Most Dangerous Game" a sailor name Rainsford gets trapped on an isolated island and he has to survive there for three days. In the film "High Noon" a retired officer name Will had to go back to his job to save his town from four criminals that were coming back to get revenge. Even though both film and story are different they also have a lot of similarities in characters and theme. Referring to the theme of our story and the film, they are very similar. " There is one street rambling, crooked affair that begins at the railroad station meanders along through the town, ends a little very past the relatively new commercial hotel, then becomes a narrow and disappearing path into the prairie" (Foreman). This citation tells us that the town from "High Noon" is isolated just like the island from "The Most Dangerous Game". The two themes are also very similar in other things like one person vs. many and that both of the themes lawless an dangerous in its own way. Both story and the film are…show more content…
" The place is HADEYVILE population ground 400, located in western territory still to determined a town just did enough to have become pleasantly aware of its existence, and to begin thinking of its appearance" (Foreman). This citation tells us that High Noon took place in a a town, with population of 400 people, however "The Most Dangerous Game" takes place on an island with no population at all. The town from our film has a lot of people who also can help out our protagonist. Our story takes place on an isolated island where theres no one who can help. Both settings from the film and the story are very
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