Most Famous Serial Killer: Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy is one of the most famous serial killers. He killed more than 30 women and caused many to live in fear during the 70’s. He has the typical serial killer back story. He had a rough childhood, which caused him to act out and become a killer. When he was young he didn’t know for sure who his father was and he was told his grandparents were his parents and his mother was his sister. Growing up his grandfather was abusive and angry, but Bundy spoke fondly of him. Bundy had disturbing behavior from a young age. When he was three he surrounded his cousin in knives from the kitchen while she was taking a nap. He held a lifelong resentment toward his mother for never talking about his real father, which could be the reason he targeted only women.…show more content…
“During high school he was arrested at least twice on suspicion of burglary and auto theft” (Ted Bundy-Wikipedia). After high school he attended multiple universities and had multiple jobs including one at the Seattle’s Suicide Hotline crisis center. He was very involved in politics and got jobs at campaigns for different Republican events. Bundy was striving for a career in law and in
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