Most Important Events In American History

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Throughout the history of our country, from its settlement in the late 1600’s to modern times, there have been many events that we can name and immediately think of and remember what happened. For instance, most people can explain why 9/11 happened, or what the causes behind the Civil War were. However, one of the more famous events in American history is not as obvious as people like to think. On one fateful night in Boston, in 1773, a ragtag band of colonists did something that would go down in history as one of the most famous events of the pre-Revolution era. The context of this important event are almost as important as the event itself; British parliament enacted legislation that went against what the American colonists considered being fair (this, of course, is a generalization of the situation, but it still holds true for what the majority of people thought back then). The Tea Act of 1773 ignited the colonists to stage a destruction of tens of thousands of pounds of tea (belonging to the East India Company), which then caused Parliament to pass the Coercive Acts in 1774. In the year 1773, American colonists were becoming wary of Britain having too much power, due to the Tea Act of 1773;…show more content…
Due to a very tight control on its own colonies, Britain essentially held the colonies in a stranglehold, figuratively, for too long. After the Tea Act was passed in 1773, a small group of radical colonists showed protest by destroying hundreds of barrels of tea a few months later. When Britain retaliated by punishing the colonies with oppressive laws known as the Coercive Acts, colonists started to band together in the mindset that it was time to become independent of Britain. The First Continental Congress was formed in 1774 as a result of the Coercive Acts. Here, the delegates of the colonies made the decision to start down the road of

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