Most Important Events In US History

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In the number 5 spot for the most important events in U.S. history in my opinion is The Civil War. I think that because it was an important for america war it took place from 1861 to 1865. It was the war for the survival of the union or the independence for confederacy. It was between the north and the south about slavery and all the other problems that were happening at the time. For the fourth spot on the list I would have to say 9/11. I think this is a big day in U.S. history. I would say it 's number four because is more important than the civil war but, not as important to America like world war 2. So 9/11 was when two planes crashed into the twin towers. That were flown by terrorists. Also there were two other planes one crashed in a…show more content…
I chose this because when we bought all that land that is like most of america so that gave us a lot more land. America bought it for about 15 million at the time. We bought 827,000 miles of land. The year this took place it was 1803 and if this didn 't happen I don 't know how big America would be right now if that didn’t happen. World War Two is the second spot on my list. I think this because it was one of the biggest wars of the century. Most of the world has participated in this war or at least heard about it before. It all started from Hitler. Then they were all fighting then the U.S started and China was towards the ending. We took over and killed Hitler we also bombed Hiroshima. And that kind of ended the war after that. But, it was a big thing back then and now it still is. The number one spot on my list is The American Revolution. The American Revolution was the one of the most important times of the forming of the America that we have today. It was the times of the whole Boston massacre, The Continental Congress, The Boston Tea Party, the signing of The Declaration of Independence, The Battles of Lexington and Concord, The Battle of Saratoga and all of those it was America in the making. That 's why It is number one on my list. All those others are important but I think this is what was really the number one it is where everything
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