Most Important Events In Will Allen's Life

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One of the most important events in Will Allen’s life was when he began to teach young people in the inner city how to grow food. This was an important event in his life because he believed that everyone had to have access to healthy and affordable food. This was important for him because he began his own farm and helped his community by providing what he believed healthy food was right for everyone. Another important event in his life was when he decided to buy the greenhouse to make it into a market to sell food. Another important event in his life was when he couldn’t pay his workers because he didn’t have enough money. He had to ask another loan from the bank in order to pay his bills but that was still not enough money to pay his workers.…show more content…
Through out his book he shows that without determination you can’t get what you want in life. Will Allen struggles to prove everyone wrong because in the beginning when he starts his own farm he is determine to give cheap and natural fruit to his neighborhood. Although nobody believes his farm will be a success he has patience and that’s what gets him through his business. He doesn’t like the idea that there are only corner stores. He wanted to provide healthy food for his neighborhood because he knew if he didn’t then it would be hard for them to get nutrients. Will Allen motivation to be the best and have a purpose to be alive connects with my life. Like Will Allen, I am determined to get the highest education I can get and provide for my family one day. It might be challenging because of financial issues but its not impossible. Just like Will Allen went through a lot of obstacles in his life at the end he got where he wanted to be and it was all worth it. Through out the book he shows determination to be someone in life and he got it with patience. He wanted to prove everyone wrong and he wanted to prove that he could make his farm be successful and become a successful farm owner. What I have learned and will take away from this book is that life will be challenging but if you are willing to go through obstacles and fall a few times it will be worth it at the end. This book teaches you that no matter where you are from or what race you are if you are willing to change your life and do what’s best for your community and your family then nobody or anything should get in your
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