Essay On What Led To The American Revolution

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Events that occurred during the American Revolution Ever wondered what led to the American revolution? Or what happened in early America? This will be covering events during the period of 1763 – 1775 that caused conflict between colonial America and Great Britain. Furthermore, how the Virtual Representation of 1775 represents American colonist’s feelings about the Crown and the Great Britain Parliament. Moreover, the arguments and justification for independence of Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson. On the other hand, how Paine and Jefferson used equality, reason, and nature to criticize the legitimacy of monarchical government and British control of the American colonies. First, Colonial America had great conflicts for several years relating to Great Britain’s decisions. it began by 1763 with the proclamation of 1763 passed by Great Britain. It consisted on limiting the American colonists to expand further west. Great Britain passed this act to ease relations with the natives just as the American Promise book on page 149 says “The proclamation offered assurances that Indian territory would be respected”. The colonists took the proclamation of 1763 the wrong way because the colonists thought they had the right to expand. Great Britain never wanted to cause any …show more content…

The colonist raises up by saying “I will not be robbed”. Lord Bute is aiming a blunderbuss at a man that represents colonial America that represents The Boston Massacre. Boston is seen in the back burning due to the protests and riots from the colonists. Which, represents The Boston Tea Party. The Virtual Representation shows how the colonists stand up for themselves and confront Great

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