Most Important Minor Character In Scott Westerfeld's Croy

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An important minor character in the first book of Scott Westerfeld’s tetralogy is Croy. This minor character has a vital influence on the book and drives the plot. Croy’s character in Uglies shows great importance, relevance, and purpose. Following Tally’s rough and lengthy journey, she arrives near the Smoke. Approached by the Smokies, Tally is introduced to Croy through a little mishap. Soon after settling into the Smoke, Croy, Astrix, Ryde, Tally, Shay, and David enjoy a laid back discussion about Tally’s trip there. Tally and Croy grow fond of each other due to Croy’s apology for their incident. Around this time, Croy becomes very suspicious towards Tally. After weeks pass since the arrival in the Smoke, Special Circumstances shows up. This government captures and locks up Croy along with most of the other Smokies. However, Tally escapes with the help of Croy signifying his trust. To show her thanks, Tally carries out their disappearance from the dystopia.…show more content…
He is the most important minor character because he allows the plot of the story to continue. The novel’s main focus is not on Croy, but he points out the strengths and weaknesses of Tally. This continues one of the main events in the following text evidence found on page 237. “Some Smokies were suspicious of her, worried that she might be a spy. Tally had thought they all accepted her by now. Apparently not. She took a deep breath, trying to keep the fear out of her voice. “Look, Croy, let me tell you something. A secret.” To counter argue the other minor characters, none of them changed how the main character went about
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