Most Influential Score: The Gladiator

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Most Influential Score: The Gladiator Growing up surrounded with action figures and a father who was into action films involved me watching many of them with him. It was a way for us to bond even though we did not agree with everything. Gladiator was one of the first films I watched with him and we both watch it periodically every other year to remember the times of migrating from India and coming to America where the movie stars in the film reside, it was a dream come true. The scenes of Maximus going through his physical battles was at the forefront when I was a child and the thrill of the warriors causing chaos and fighting to the death was the main reason for watching it, however as I’ve gotten older his emotional battle of avenging his wife and son became apparent and created a situation for…show more content…
• Score primarily used brass to resemble terror and buildup of momentum towards the entrance of Commodus. 1:30 is when Maximus reveals himself and the brass instruments change tempo and volume as he mentions his dead wife and son and how he will seek vengeance. • Chanting done by the audience accompanies the music to await the order from the emperor. 3:08 starts a different tone as the crowd rejoices and Maximus is allowed to live, which has an upbeat tone conveying victory and freedom. In conclusion, The Gladiator is a memorable movie in my life because it allowed me to bond with my father and learn the emotional battles heroes face as they progress in life. Scoring throughout the film enhanced the mood and allowed me to relate to the character and learn more about Hans Zimmer, who I did not know about before researching the score for this film and realized he has scored many of the famous films I have watched throughout my
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