My Most Memorable Moment In The Westing Game

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My most memorable moment in the The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin was when Main character Turtle had stood up to hold a court session and go over the events and in the process found out the missing part to the whole mystery. I like this moment of the courage Turtle took to go up and start discussing the events and finding the missing part of the mystery because of the leadership and tough decision that Turtle took considering she is the youngest out of all the heirs. “Judge Ford rapped for silence with the walnut gavel presented to her by associates on her appointment to a higher court. Higher court? This was the lowest court she had ever presided at: a thirteen-year-old lawyer, a court stenographer who records in Polish, and the judge in African robes. Oh well, she had played Sam Westing’s game, now she would play Turtle’s game. The similarity was astounding; Turtle not only looked like her Uncle Sam, she acted like him.” What is the mystery you might ask, the mystery deals with murder of the Mr. Westing (also known as Barney Northrup, and Sandy McSouthers, and Julian R. Eastman). In the mystery sixteen people were chosen to find out who murdered Mr. Westing. All of these people were relatives or friends of some sort and one of the sixteen people was the murderer. These sixteen people were divided into eight teams, but the two people on each team…show more content…
This moment came at surprise for Percy because he thought that Ares was the friend who betrayed him in the prophecy. The prophecy stated Percy’s future of what will happen to him during and after his mission. I like this moment because of the emotion, excitement, and the intensity in this scene. Another memorable moment for me in the lightning thief was when Percy’s mom saves Percy and fights the monster by herself. I really like this moment because of the sacrifice that Percy’s mom had done to protect

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