Most Memorable School Year

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I have had a very odd year, amazing, fun but nonetheless, it was a very memorable school year. It is rather surprising when I look back and think about how I was in August. I was very chubby, shy, i had low self esteem and i was not very open towards new experiences or people. Since then, i have been influenced by so many new people and experiences that it brought me out of my shell. Since August i lost 35 pounds, i became more confident and i no longer really care about what people think about me, all i do is just try to get through my day with the least amount of failures as possible. The new experiences took me by surprise though this year, countless stories to tell but i don’t know how to tell them or how i can say…show more content…
The emotions i sense in this song is a sense of youthful joy, feeling neither proud or ashamed. I never got caught up in silly school drama and neither was my year as bleak as i had thought it would have been. My year was fun, in fact it has been the best year of school i have ever had. Whenever i listen to this song i imagine someone gazing at the night sky, around mid- winter, a person who wants to live a simple life, no drama, no stress, no problems . The only task that person has each day is to find joy in their day, be surrounded by it, that person does not really stand out, this person is not the center of attention. They just feel reassurance when they see people being happy, it’s the little things that count to them, like memories and knick knacks. A person i would think would fit well with this song would be one of my closest friends, i don’t have permission to use his identity though. Although, he does remind me of this song, he’s not a materialistic person, he doesn’t ask for much and he’s quiet, but his ideals are very amazing. I’m very thankful to have him as my friend. Throughout my life I’ve experienced many moments that this song could express. For example, I’m not into the whole propaganda and social media, in the way that i would get into it very deeply. Also, i try to keep things simple, but i don't speak up often which makes it a…show more content…
I finally wanted to have control over how my year was going to be. First of all, I accomplished the main task which was to enjoy this year. Whenever i had an opportunity to have a great experience i took it, like prom, i was not sure about going, it was my first dance and i was very confused by the fact that this was my first dance. I over think which makes me very unsure about situations. Ultimately, i thought whether or not this would be an amazing night, sure wouldn't want to miss out. So i went and it was really

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