Most Significant Cause In The Tragedy Of The Titanic

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After examining all the evidence,I have concluded that Design and Construction was the most significant cause in the tragedy of the Titanic.I believe this to be the cause because if the Design and the Construction was better, than maybe when it hit the iceberg ,either it would have given more people a chance to escape or it would have been fine. My factors aside from Design and Construction also contributed to the crash event on April 15,1912.

The pie graph shows that Environmental Factors and Captain Smith had the least effect on why the Titanic sank. I chose to give Environmental Factors the lowest percentage with 1% of the responsibility because no one can control the environment. Furthermore, Captain Smith was the second lowest cause with only 9%, because even though my research stated Captain Smith could have helped, he was only one person. This was only a small factor because as one person he can not do everything by himself,so these two factors were not as significant in the overall cause of why the Titanic sank.
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Examining the pie graph, it shows that Lifeboat Laws has a percentage of 25% because if there were more lifeboats more people may have made it out with their lives. This make me assume there would have been more survivors if there were more lifeboats. The second highest percentage is assigned to The White Star Line Propaganda at 30%. I chose this as the second most important cause because more people would have been on on alert if people did not think the Titanic was unsinkable.

While all of the factors in the pie graph had an impact on the sinking, it is clear to see there are different amount of blame to place. In conclusion if more people were cautious maybe more people would have
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