Most Significant World Event

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To start off the interview, I asked my two interviewees: What is the most significant world event you have experienced and why? Linda stated that the most significant world event she lived through was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Linda claimed she was a freshman in high school at the time and spoke about how her whole high school was silent as they watched the president’s funeral on television. The most significant world event that John experienced was World War II. John told me that he was around ten years old and working for his family’s printing company at the time. He also went on further to explain that his sister-in-law built planes for the war. It was very interesting to hear them share their experiences…show more content…
Linda discussed that she likes Medicare the most about the aging process. She explained that Medicare is a lot cheaper and that it helps reduce the cost of medical services. The thing that she likes the least about aging is her health. She explained that it is difficult to accomplish regular tasks at times. She would love to run and play with her grandkids, but her health holds her back from doing everything she would like to. John states that his least favorite thing about aging would be all of his physical pain. John is very active and would like to stay active, but the pain is becoming unbearable. John said that he really did not have a thing he liked the most about aging. As I grow older, my least favorite thing about aging would be the process of taking on more responsibility on the path to becoming an adult, however what I enjoy most about growing older would be all of the new experiences of living independently in Omaha. Comparing the responses, Linda and John both do not like how they are physically aging, their bodies are both in pain that does not allow them to do everything they would like to. In contrast, I cannot relate to the physical pain of
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