Moth Smoke Marxism Analysis

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Marxism is the political, economic, and social principles and policies advocated by Marx; especially : a theory and practice of socialism including the labor theory of value, dialectical materialism, the class struggle, and dictatorship of the proletariat until the establishment of a classless society (Merriam-Webster). Marxism is displayed throughout the novel of Moth Smoke in that it is the central conflict of social classes between two friends, Daru and Ozi. In the beginning of the novel Daru is very critical of Ozi’s corrupt father due to Daru’s longing for the same social status. Ozi leaves Pakistan for the United States for a higher education while Daru is left to stay in Pakistan. When Ozi returns Daru goes to pay Ozi a visit and sees that Ozi owns two big Pajeros and a bigger home. If the tensions of social classes weren’t already bad enough, it just got worse. Daru is a proletariat (also commonly known as the “working class”) and Ozi is a…show more content…
no one is going to hire you”(53). This is devastating to Daru especially considering that Ozi is receiving endless benefits from his own father’s previous connections. Ozi says later on in the novel, “I’m wealthy, well connected, and successful. My father‟s an important person. In all likelihood, I’ll be an important person. Lahore is a tough place if you are not an important person” (184). The difference between to the two social classes is unbelievable. The rich are allowed to take part in almost anything that they would like to without facing consequences but the low income people are subject to punishment. Those who are considered to be elite in this novel are allowed to do drugs and get away with other illegal crimes. During the story Daru is arrested for being intoxicated while Ozi hits a person with his car and isn’t held accountable for it. Daru is able to further make his claim more valid by saying “The police don‟t stop us on our drive home. We are in a Pajero after all.”
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