Mother And Daughter By Gary Soto Summary

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“What is free time? I'm a single mother. My free moments are filled with loving my little girl.” This astounding quote spoken incredibly by Roma Downey truly captures the essence of Mrs. Moreno in the sense that her heart overflows with love for her daughter, Yollie, and she would die to make Yollie happy. Mrs. Moreno gives her daughter unconditional love and would stop at nothing to keep a smile on her baby’s face. From the mesmerizing short story, “Mother and Daughter” by Gary Soto, it is apparent that the protagonist, Mrs. Moreno is an impeccable, almost perfect mother because she dedicated, optimistic and resourceful, and most of all loving towards her daughter. Nothing could get in the way of a mother’s love to her daughter. Taking a…show more content…
Furthermore, Mrs.Moreno’s devotion is further demonstrated when once for Yollie’s birthday, Mrs. Moreno wanted to make caramel apples for Yollie,but it was too expensive. Instead she used molasses and although it was too hard for anyone to eat, they made a game of who could break theirs. Even though Mrs. Moreno’s plan didn’t exactly work out, “At least everyone went home happy.” Sometimes in life, when you run into an obstacle, it’s the universe’s way of leading you to a new road, the right road. Mrs. Moreno experiences a plethora of those life-changing obstacles in her lifetime leading her to adventures, experiences, and carving the path of her life. Her path from the minute she had Yollie became all about Yollie. Every little thing Mrs. Moreno did was because of Yollie and her devotion to her. When Mrs. Moreno came to America from “...Mexico with nothing on her back but a sack with three skirts…”, she did it to have a better life, and now she wants Yollie to have a life that’s even better. Maybe that is why she works so hard for her daughter ; to mold Yollie into
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