Mother And Daughter In The Bloody Chamber

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The relationship between a mother and a daughter is always thought to be very sacred and one of an unconditional bond. Angela Cater shows us the typical bond in ‘The Bloody Chamber’ while Michele Roberts breaks the boundaries of what we see as normal in ‘Anger.’ “The Bloody Chamber” portrays a very close mother-daughter relationship. It is seen throughout Angela Carter’s novel that this pair have good intentions for each other and have a deep unconditional bond. When the young bride is being brought to her new martial home she seems to be at an unease because she is not sure what marriage is going to be like whereas she knows that while at home with her mother everything is calm and safe. “Away from the white, enclosed quietude of my mother’s apartment into the unguessable country of marriage.” (Carter, 7) We see that the young bride’s relationship with her mother is one of innocence and protection and she’s scared of what her life might be like with Marquis. She feels a loss when remembering her mother. This unease is also shared by the mother who isn’t really sure if her daughter truly loves Marquis but she is glad that she married him because she is set up with a rich future. Her nor her mother’s gut instinct on her husband isn’t wrong, when she arrives at the castle she soon…show more content…
‘The Bloody Chamber’ shows us a mother-daughter relationship that we expect but Michele Roberts ‘Anger’ overthrows our sense of the norm. The mother-daughter relationship in this story takes two directions, the one at the start of danger and disorder and the one we learn of that the
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