Mother Archetype In Literature

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Mother Archetype Mothers are seen occasionally as the strangest, craziest, altruistic people who have ever been encountered. However some argue that they are the complete opposite. The basic perception of mothers that they are loving, caring, and very nurturing, and this makes up the mother archetype, not only modern day but records and perceptions that date back to ancient history. Although it has come along way, Mothers play a very important role in modern day theatre, literature, and even stories dating back to the biblical era. In ancient texts, we see this role being played by Thetis, Achilles mother in Greek mythology. Another example being portrayed by Demeter; even when there happens to no hope for her daughter Persephone, she never gives up on Persephone, or on the role of neutering her daughter through the tough times. The Mother Archetype shows through Greek Mythology which includes The Iliad, Edith Hamilton, and The Odyssey. In literature, an archetype can usually interpret as a normal, your everyday typical character. An archetype, also frequently identified as universal symbol. This informs that it may detect as a theme,…show more content…
Mothers are caring, loving, thoughtful, borchering ,and always protected from malicious people and things. These adjectives describe not only the general mother archetype, but make them significant and important. The mother archetype is one of the most important archetypes. The mother archetype stands for all mothers, and their role in playing their mothering parts. This is not only special to that archetype, but explains why it is one. Mother archetype is shown in movies and literature and all sorts of media, and will continue to be shown in these works because mothers are apart of everyones life. If you are on this earth, no matter what, you do in fact have a mother. Mothers are influential in mindset, actions, and common sense and are apart of any
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