Mother-Baby Interaction And Child's Theory: Case Study

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Under the microsystem of Bronfenbrenner’s model, it states that, all relationships are “bidirectional”, where both the adults and the children, effect and influenced each other’s behaviour (Berk, 2013). Through our personal experiences with children, we agree with the above theory. Hence, we choose the topic on Mother-Baby Interaction and Child’s needs. We believe in the bonding and the positive interaction between a mother and her child, will lead to the optimum wellbeing of her child. In my opinion, having a partner that complement one another is vital in doing group assignments. I am blessed to have Sharmini as a partner, as she is motivated as I am, when it comes to the issues of children’s development.
It does not take much time, for
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Our main purpose is to ensure that the team understand, the bond between the mother and her child, has an impact on her child’s emotional and psychosocial development. As my partner is previously a registered nurse, and she has the knowledge and experiences on the topic, she volunteers to prepare and present the issue. Most of the preparations and research are done using the readings. Two of the readings that both of us always refer to is, from Rosemary Roberts, Wellbeing from birth and Young Children’s Health and Wellbeing by Angela Underdown. In the earlier reading mentioned the concept “interplay” between the mother and child that brought the awareness of self and other during the infancy. It also touches on how the mother becomes a safe base for the infant to discover and expand their knowledge. We use the latter reading to gain knowledge on the definition of children’s well-being and the children’s right to…show more content…
Unfortunately, most of the team members work in the elite community and the topic came as a surprise to them. As much as I thought that the topic will be interesting and exciting for discussion, it turns out that the team members were a bit lost. However, the topic did trigger them to think about it and try to look at it, at different perspectives, such as, the mother’s point of view. As my partner and I ask questions, such as, how we can help these children, the team members began to think further and relate it to their own experiences. As time is limited, the discussion had to cut short, even though there are other questions that were left unanswered. However, we took it as a learning curve for all of us and a beginning for us to think more about issues which are sensitive that exist in our society. We came out with a determination that, a child has the right to feel safe, be healthy and has a positive well-being, despite their family
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