Mother Cresesa Vs Mother Teresa

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She was always in a white blue-bordered sari whom became a emblem of care, love and compassionate for the world. She is non rather than Mother Theresa. Mother Theresa works on humanity behaviour with great frequency. What is humanity? In a lay man term humanity is where humans are being so kind and able to understand another human who is just like us. According to American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, they mention that humanity is the quality go being a human which includes kindness and mercy. The definition fits to become the presenting behaviour of Mother Theresa. She has this behaviour since she was small. Her mother influenced her to be more religious since her mother was a very loving wife to her husband,spiritual and religious too in the family (Mother Teresa, 2015). Mother Theresa brought up in a religious Catholic family (Spink, 1997). When she was 18 years old, she had received God call to leave and serve the poor (Spink, 1997 ; Mother Teresa, 2015). Mother Theresa answered the called and joined in the missionary. Her humanity made her to help and serve the poor among the poorest. She said that “ there are many Nun to take care of the rich but for My very poor, they have none. For them I long to to love them”. Based on the word that Mother Theresa said, it completely proved that she has the human kind feeling in her to serve the poor (Exton, 2007). Her humanitarian lead her to open homes for the needy under the Misionnaries of Charity. She open a

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