Mother In A Refugee Camp Summary

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Paragraph 1 1.Continuing as in ‘Mother in a Refugee camp’ when the poet mentions “No Madonna” as mentioned before this refers to Jesus and his mother Mary. Emphasizing how no matter what happened in the past or will happen in the future nothing can go up as far as what this mother had to do to attempt to help her son and give him hope. The quote “Ghost Smile” may not necessary refer to the theme of loss of innocence but does refer to the theme of growing up. The poet Achebe attempts to express to us how at some point in life everyone is going to die, whether it will be you, family, friends, but you can die happy with a “Ghost Smile” or not. 2.Towards the end of the poem the mother does the action of “comb[ing]” her sons hair. In life that action would not be seen as a massive deal but just a small kind doing such as a mother and son bonding, although in that specific moment in the poem this is seen as an…show more content…
3.If a mother loses hope in her child, then nobody else will show hope. A mother is the last person that would lose hope on her child so the quote “she had long ceased to care” the theme loss of innocence is showing here as a mother losing hope in her child would be the worst thing to happen in a human’s life. 4.As well as ‘Mother in a Refugee Camp’ talking about a child’s death and the themes of growing up & loss of innocence, the poem ‘Prayer Before Birth’ takes a similar approach. In the first stanza of prayer before birth the reader can quickly notice the child like vocabulary stepping forward and written by MacNeice. This expresses the theme of loss of innocence as already knowing this is going to be a sad poem, it’s taken from a
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