Mother In A Refugee Poem Analysis

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‘War Photographer’, ‘Mother in a refugee camp’ and ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ all share themes and ideas of death, loss and suffering. Compare, contrast and explore the themes and ideas in these poems and three other of your choice.

The poems ‘War photographer’, ‘Mother in a refugee camp’ and ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ all use powerful language, imagery and structural devices to portray the themes of suffering, death and loss. The poem ‘War Photographer’ demonstrates the unworldly suffering that people living in countries at war have to endure and how it greatly contrasts with the lives of people in countries like England who remain oblivious and unknowing of the pain that others have to go through. ‘Mother in a refugee
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They should fight it, not accept it. The phrase “Rage, rage against the dying of the light” shows this very clearly. When Dylan Thomas refers to “the dying of the light” he is referring to death and how a person 's life slowly leaves them; much light a light slowly dimming out until there is total darkness. If they fight death they can prolong and retain that light for longer. This contrasts with the two poems ‘War Photographer’ and ‘Mother in a refugee camp’ because the people in the poem seem to accept that death happens and have come to terms with the suffering that they see. In ‘Mother in a refugee camp’ it clearly shows this through the phrase “Like putting flowers on a tiny grave” It showcases that the mother has already accepted her son’s death and is ready for him to leave her. An even bigger contrast is seen in the poem ‘November’ Instead accepting death the poem seems to demonstrate that after a certain point a person should be sent to die or even given away to death. This can be shown through the quote “We have bought her here to die and we know it” This shows that they are not only ready to let her go but want to send her
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