Mother India Film Analysis

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The film “Mother India” was shot in the year of 1957 by Mehboob Khan. It is a simple story of a woman Radha and her family. Her husband has lost both his arms during the incident in the field. The eldest son grew up good and hard working boy, the youngest son was a complete opposite of the senior. The story of survival of a single mother Radha develops at the background of a mother 's love for both sons. This is the summary of a complicated plot of the film."Whatever it was, when evil does, it is still happening is that God desires." - This is the epigraph to this film. Moreover, then all the subsequent events confirm this, like nothing better.

The title “Mother India” was named so as a challenge to Katherine Mayo’s book where she attacks
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There are allegories in the film - it is not only the history of a strong spirit of beauty Radha, but the fate of the entire Indian community, which lived from harvest to harvest. The plot revolves around men of honor, without exaggeration - honesty and unselfishness is erected in the pantheon of human qualities. Radha suffers from hardships and attacks, but never thinks about reciprocal act. Someone indeed might condemn this woman because it is complicated to figure out how to forgive their enemies and stop attacks when you are in the mud, losing children and loved ones, desperately trying to survive, while others pass by. Radha does not have any enemies - this is one of the main points. Radha is not weak in mind and body; she can hold the status when it comes to honoring women and mothers. By the plot Radha is in almost hopeless situation in the sense that the local moneylender Sukhilala, from the one side a rogue and a scoundrel, and from the other side did nothing illegal. After all, the bonded contract with him was bonded by Radha’s mother in law personally. So the concept of honor and decency put the central character in the position resigned and accepted Sukhilaly on deception extracted three-quarters of each harvest. Almost the whole village is unable to read the contract of Sukhilalu. This person uses this weakness of Radha’s family and for many years takes money from them. It is strange that the village has several teachers who can read however no one asks for help in order to read these contracts. The mother has its opposite in her son 's face; he is not willing to put up with that situation. His inflexible position finds a greater response in the soul of the viewer - seekers of truth are always respected. But here it is necessary to return to the notorious allegory, if the mother - is the motherland, the son, who is driven by a purity of feeling, is capable, without knowing it, to kill the parent. Moreover, the real mother is responsible for all of her
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