Mother Love Short Story

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Mother Love The narrator had to put her kid into a nursery school all the time when her child was around two years old, and her child name is Emily. Emily was a beautiful baby. She had to leave Emily in a daytime with a woman who did not have any idea how to take care of a child. She had to work and looked for work to take care of Emily. She felt regretted and guilted because of what she did not do for Emily. She put Emily in a nursery home most of the time, so she can hold a job. She really loved Emily, but she did not pay attention to Emily much. She could not do much to provide for Emily because of how poor she was. The narrator had used each of the five senses in the story for the readers to make the story more interesting. “She would start running as soon as she got off the street car, running up the stairs, the place smelling sour” from the story; which usually we had to stand around the trash can or a garbage truck to smell that. Emily was a beautiful baby, but she was not…show more content…
The story told me about how a mother was trying so hard to take care of her child. She tried to give her daughter as much love as she can. She did not smile at her daughter really much even though she loved her daughter more than words can describe. The narrator eventually remarried, and she was carrying a child. She had to put Emily into the convalescent home. She wanted Emily to have the kind of food and care she cannot manage for her daughter. She will be free to concentrate on the new baby. There was an invisible wall separate the narrator and Emily. Emily was distant from her family, and she had to spend most of her time as a kid in convalescent home. It was just as if Emily was a bunny and her mom was a rabbit. Emily did not get a lot of physical affection toward her when she was a little kid. She was lonely most of the time compare to other kids. It was really tough for her, so she was usually somber and

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