Mother To Son Perseverance Quotes

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The poem, “Mother To Son”, will be discussed over these next 5 paragraphs on how it connects to perseverance. Mother to Son is a poem based on a mother discussing and describing to her son on how her life was growing up. She references to “ Crystal Stairs”, as a figure on life. The mother in the story has been through harsh times. One of her quotes was “ Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair”. Her meaning this, means that life for her isn’t easy. Being that she is black and back then, in the 1980’s and 90’s, growing up black was tough because of discrimination, racism, and police brutality. We were forced to make a stand with leaders like Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. With the march and the legendary speech Dr. King delivered to the community that day made black people…show more content…
What this quote means is the “fight or flight” mindset. Fight or flight means to face your fears and obstacles head on without backing down. Through this mindset you have to have perseverance to guide yourself through tough times, and face things you might not feel comfortable doing. During a time like this, the world faces challenges like the shooting of Michael Brown. In which, the mom of Michael had to persevere past her own sons death. It's tough when something as critical as your son’s death is your obstacle to overcome. The last main idea is, when the mother in the poem said, “I’se been climbing on”. What this quote means is that, through the tough times she has been through, she still pushes on. This should be a mindset of all people. She proved that through the hard times, you still can do better, well, and beat the odds. Maybe you are going through a tough time and just don't think you can get past it, have faith and persevere through that hard time. Life is hard, but sometimes you gotta keep your head up, don't give up, and push through
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