Mother Tongue By Sandra Cisneros Summary

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THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT! Ever since the dawn of time, language has been a key asset in the evolution of culture and humanity. Culture can be explained as connection built upon language and civilization, which language is practiced by civilization to give or exchange ideas of some kind. Culture and language are both essentials for one another. Both culture and language rely on each other, because both impact one another. Its necessary for any civilization to operate, people within a society ought to be able to adequately mutually exchange information amongst one another through the use of language. From a single understanding to an entire explanation, verbal expression and civilization are the core of living. Language and civilization are two parts of a whole, because its vital for humanity to be able to transmit information about any and every aspect of life between each other, which correlates with how communities grasp and formulate choices. Being a necessary part of living, language enables people to exchange knowledge, and life with fellow members of society. Its as simple as two people that is needed to change…show more content…
The connection between the child and parent in Amy Tan’s, “Mother Tongue”, was connected more through helping her mother. While on the other hand, in Sandra Cisneros’s, “Only Daughter”, she was aiming to achieve approval from her father who was more distant with his daughter, mainly due to his cultural background. Language with only daughter was to connect Cisneros with her father and for him to understand her. In Amy Tan’s, “Mother Tongue”, language with her mother was to make the world understand that even though her mother’s English skills aren’t as proficient, that she wasn’t inferior or unable to
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