Mother Tongue Essay

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The Effect of Not Using the Mother Tongue and Using English Language only In Teaching English for the Students of Primary Class in Government Schools on their Acquisition

By : Dr. Ahmed Maher Mahmoud Al Nakhalah Al Quds Open University-Palestine /Gaza

Introduction There are arguments pro and con concerning the use of mother tongue in the classroom in English language teaching. At present it would seem to be true that the role of the mother tongue is a topic which is often ignored or rather the avoidance of the mother tongue is recommended in discussion of methodology and in teacher training. The idea of understanding or avoiding the mother tongue in language teaching dates from around
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And it seems that it is an effective technique. But the researcher proposes an alternative idea which is creative and innovative and at the same time denies the use of mother tongue in the classroom. The use of mother tongue in the classroom is suggestive of the teacher?s lethargic attitude which results into the escape from sincere duty by taking recourse to mother tongue while explaining difficult concepts. Similarly, it is merely an excuse when a teacher says that the use of mother tongue is necessary in the classroom. With the remarkable entry of technology in the arena of teaching, things have changed dramatically. Previously a teacher had only verbalism and pictorial aids to choose from. But with the arrival of computer assisted language learning things have changed. A proactive teacher can have no excuse to use mother tongue as he can teach more effectively with the use of technological aids without taking any help of mother tongue. There are some abstract and complicated words which are difficult to explain through verbal description. These words can be easily explained through audio video aids. For example, the word ?emotion? can be easily explained through some video clips which portray different emotional scenes. Hence, my point is that the complete reduction of mother tongue in the classroom is possible with the help of technological aids. In doing so, one can generate a better exposure of the target language in the classroom
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